The Long View

sunset_on_Little_Asby_Hawthorn_1080xSunset on Little Asby Hawthorne ©Rob Fraser

Rob and Harriet Fraser are a couple truly at one with the landscape. He a photographer, she a poet and wordsmith, they have dedicated themselves to documenting the nature, seasons, people and spirit of their Lake District home. Their project and exhibition, The Long View (currently on tour around the UK), is a unique love story told through seven isolated trees that watch quietly over their Lakeland surroundings. The story follows the trees through the seasons, in the light and dark, harsh winds and balmy sunshine, alone and in the company of friends. It soon becomes clear that Rob and Harriet not only begin to see the hawthorn, rowan, alder, Scots pine, sycamore, birch and oak as beacons in their landscape, but almost as family members as their connection grows.

The affection for Rob and Harriet’s seven “remarkably ordinary” trees has proved infectious, and The Long View project has gained a loyal following over the two years it took to complete and beyond. Finding and journeying to the trees has become something of a pilgrimage for some, while others have been inspired to add their own favourite trees to the busy Long View website.

The Long View exhibition is about to open at The Great North Museum in Newcastle, and I’m hoping I can catch up with it on its travels. I love Rob Fraser’s photography in particular – his ability to express the character of each tree is incredible. You almost find yourself rooting for them to continue to thrive.*

*See what I did there?!