Legs over High Tor

Paul HillLegs Over High Tor, Matlock by Paul Hill ©Paul Hill

The dramatic folds and crowns of the Peak District are a honey pot for landscape photographers – and rightly so – but so many of their images of famous peaks and valleys exhibited on the walls of local shops and cafes lack human interpretation. They lack soul. That is why the work of Derbyshire photographer Paul Hill MBE sings out – a celebration of the Peak District told with a refreshingly personal perspective.

Legs over High Tor, Matlock, taken in 1975, shows Hill’s daughters’ legs dangling over the river at Matlock Bath. It’s a much-photographed spot, but only Hill has captured the human exhilaration of being so close to the edge.

Hill’s most comprehensive collection of Peak District landscapes, White Peak, Dark Peak, is a truly personal interpretation of the scenery beloved of the thousands of landscape photographers who visit every year. But don’t expect a repeat of famous views or well-used angles. “If you look through the viewfinder and you’ve seen that picture before, don’t press the shutter,” Hill says.

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